Contacts and Officials

Pastor: Rick Edmund
Secretary:  Janet Minnich


Chairperson:  Olive Romanishan
Lay Leader:  Cynthia Weaver
Lay Member to Annual
Sharon Diehl
Recording Secretary: Shireen McGovern
Treasurer:  Ralph Dech
Financial Secretary:  Olive Romanishan
Membership Secretary:  Janet Minnich
Chairperson - Board of Trustees: TBD
Member at Large: Linda Herd
Honorary Members:  Robert Boehl, Margaret Drake & Vivian Boehl


Pastor - Parish Relations:
Chairperson: Sharon Diehl
2017 Sharon Diehl
2018 John Kelley
2019 Fred Bechtoldt
Ex-officio: Layleader/Lay Delegate

   Church: John Kelley & Ruby Kelley
   Sunday School: Ralph Dech & Sandy Dech

Committee On Nominations:
2017 Shireen McGovern
2018 Donna Longley
2019 Janet Minnich
Ex-officio:  Layleader

Finance:  Olive Romanishan, Ralph Dech & Nicole Ramnishan
Ex-officio:  Layleader, Treasurer, SPRC Chair, Lay Delegate/Council Chair

Chair: TBD
2017 Ralph Dech & Michele Rau
2018 Sarah George
2019 Elizabeth Bechtoldt

Community Outreach/Mission/Health & Welfare:
Sharon Diehl & Linda Herd

Designer: Nicole Romanishan

Unelected Servants:
      Blue Mountain Connect 4 Representatives: Sharon Diehl
      Flowers: Sandy Dech & Bev Beal
      Ushers/Accolytes: Ruth Romanishan
      Communion Steward: Shireen McGovern
      Kitchen Committee: Sandy Dech, Bev Beal & Linda Herd

Christian Education:
Shireen McGovern
Adult Coordinator:  TBD
Children’s Coordinator:
Donna Longley
Teacher: Sharon Diehl
Treasurer: Nicole Romanishan

Sunday School - 10 AM   |   Worship Service - 11 AM


1433 Main Street - Chapman
Bath, PA  18014
Phone: 610-837-0935

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